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When someone that really close to you like really damn close and you call them best friend, just throw you away and pretend like you are not exist are much more hurt rather than you lost someone that you love. But then you will realize this is life, this is the reality not some sort of drama or film that will end with smile and laugh. 

And you know that you really need to get up and face everything up, Stop showing to others that you are just are loser that always lose. Its time to show them that you are also can be the winner. Love? Just put that stupid thing aside and chase your own dream. Stop take care about others heart, just think your own heart, your family. You know you can, you know you can reach your dream. Get up and face it dear. Show them that you can.

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 kanak-kanak riang

Bie Syuhada

Assalamualaikum. Tak marah kalau mau salin katanya tapi lebih manis kalau minta kebenaran tuannya :)


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